"I Like This!"

March 10, 2005 07:20 AM

"I Like This!" is a simple music recommendation plugin for the musikCube audio player. With this plugin musikCube users can recommend their favorite songs, albums and net radio stations while they are playing in musikCube; all recommendations are then listed on this site. It's an easy way to share your musical taste with others, and to give others new ideas on what kind of music there is.



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Last 10 Songs

Date Artist Album Title Comment
10-10-10 Guster Easy Wonderful Do You Love Me -
10-07-16 Napalm Death The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code Silence Is Deafening -
10-04-15 Barricada La tierra esta sorda Sotanas -
10-03-08 Armik Rubica Rubia Torreros -
10-02-16 Thom Yorke Twilight: New Moon [Soundtrack] Hearing Damage -
10-02-07 Puddle Of Mudd Come Clean Bring Me Down -
10-01-29 Radio Head The Bends Street Spirit -
10-01-08 KT Tunstall Drastic Fantastic Hold On -
09-12-19 The Offspring Conspiracy Of One Original Prankster -
09-11-23 Camping Photo-Finish Elvis Homerovitz -

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'I Like This! - recommend a song or album

Recommend a song or album - This is what you see when you play a file in musikCube and start the plugin. You have the option of recommending a single track or a whole album, and an additional text field to add a comment.


'I Like This! - recommend a net radio stream

Recommend a stream - This is what you see when you play a net radio stream in musikCube and start the plugin.


'I Like This! - server message

Server response - After submitting a recommendation you are presented with a server response message.


'I Like This! - about screen

About dialog - The plugin's about screen.


PHP server code

This is also a proof-of-concept: an attempt to show how easy it is to develop a musikCube-plugin that uses xml-rpc to communicate with a remote computer. This opens up a whole space of new functionality: playlist sharing, all kinds of website integration, review and cover image searches, ... for some more ideas look at the list of public xml-rpc services at xmlrpc.com.

Here you can download the server scripts for the plugin if you want to see how it's done, or if you want to host this feature on your own website.

Download Server