Noise Making Machines

Martin Dittus · 2011-04-24 · diy, electronics, muzak

Diy 02 by dekstop …

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Young Hackspace

Martin Dittus · 2011-04-24 · diy, events, hackerspaces · write a comment

In early 2011 we started the Young Hackspace: a monthly event where we invite groups of young children or teenagers to the London Hackspace and show them how to make things. It started with a chance encounter (I was giving a Hackspace tour to two interested parents) and quickly grew into an amazing regular encounter between hackers and kids... We started with a laser cutter workshop for eight year olds, combined with demonstrations of lasers in action; then a wood working and print making workshop; soon we'll have a "making electronic beats" workshop, probably in combination with a few …

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