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Martin Dittus · 2011-04-24 · diy, events, hackerspaces · write a comment


In early 2011 we started the Young Hackspace: a monthly event where we invite groups of young children or teenagers to the London Hackspace and show them how to make things. It started with a chance encounter (I was giving a Hackspace tour to two interested parents) and quickly grew into an amazing regular encounter between hackers and kids...

We started with a laser cutter workshop for eight year olds, combined with demonstrations of lasers in action; then a wood working and print making workshop; soon we'll have a "making electronic beats" workshop, probably in combination with a few "physics of sound" demonstrations; and there's no lack of ideas for future workshops. Proposed so far: a monorail building workshop, a robotics workshop, ...

None of this would have been possible without the skill and seemingly limitless enthusiasm of London Hackspace contributors. Tom Wyatt, Will Pearson, Daniel Hertz, Kirsten Skillen, Billy Smith, Sam Kelly, Anthony Bowyer-Lowe, ... more to come soon!



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