Yahoo Login Being a Snob

Martin Dittus · 2007-11-24 · drop culture · write a comment

[13:28]  martind is trying to create yet another yahoo account
[13:28] martind: and it fails to do so, in both browsers, without explanation.
[13:28] martind: ("Looks like there was some trouble creating your account. 
Please take a moment to review your answers.")
[13:28] martind: WHICH ONES FUCKASS?
[13:28] martind: the sad thing about it: I'm sure it's a bug in their code, and 
I'd be willing to take the time to send an email, but I'm quite confident
that it would just be ignored.

The Yahoo login system seems to be a great predictor of the upcoming breakdown of civilisation. Creating an account requires filling in a big form, lots of mandatory fields; not even the "Security Question" is optional. It guides you with helpful popups -- entering an invalid birthdate (in my case: 32 Feb 1931) invokes a "Your full birthday is required" message. Add the well-discussed issue of forcing people to guess an unused unique identifier in their overly crowded namespace (just give me a random one already!)

And after I've done all that it won't even let me create the account; no idea what's wrong now.

I guess instead of using Pipes I'll revert to doing it myself with a plain old script... (Only thing I wanted to do is create a podcast feed for the Rinse FM feed that actually uses enclosures. Beats me why people stiff create "podcast" feeds where you have to click on links to listen.)

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