A Printable Schedule for 22C3

Martin Dittus · 2005-12-24 · code, conferences, tools · 1 comment

Just before I left my house over the holidays I wanted to print out the schedule for 22C3, and found that I couldn't -- no matter which browser, OS and method I chose, the schedule table was unreadable.

A couple of hours later I sat in a train and had some time to spare, so I hacked together a Ruby script that parses the iCal version of the schedule for 22C3 and creates an HTML page with a clean, readable timetable that you can also print ;)

You can get the script below, and a version of the generated HTML schedule plus style sheet. Note that that one will be out of date at some point (the schedule is updated frequently), so you better get the script too.

See also: Schedule for 22C3 is Now Online; Some Recommendations


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