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Martin Dittus · 2006-02-15 · commentary, links, software, web services · write a comment


I've been submitting feature requests and bug reports to the NetNewsWire forum -- Brent Simmons seems pretty responsive. I'm looking forward to an application update, it's been months since 2.01 was released, and I'm wondering what Brent's working on (probably mainly NewsGator integration, which at the moment is of little use to me.) The more I'm using the application the more I'm finding its limitations -- it's still the best aggregator for the Mac (though Vienna is getting closer and closer), but sometimes I'm a bit envious of the Windows world where FeedDemon is making great strides lately. I'm still thinking about new ways to improve aggregator interfaces, so expect updates to my earlier article about that topic.

A propos aggregators: I need a better workflow to read feeds. Too many high-traffic feeds amount to 10,000 unread articles in the last couple of weeks. I'm on and off developing a web-based aggregator to manage a specific subsection of my subscriptions, but that'll take a while, and I already found that the application I'm envisioning will be too resource-hungry for a shared host, yet I don't have the money for a dedicated server -- I'll finally have to look into localhosting (i.e., having a server at home that is accessible from the outside).

And speaking of resource-hungry applications in a shared hosting environment: I took down my MailFeed service for an indefinite time, see mailfeed.org for details. (I have some alternate ideas involving procmail scripts, but that has to wait.)

Edit: The bit about the first ever R470K live circuit bending performance has moved to an article of its own.

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