Erlang the Movie - Declarative Real Time Programming Now!

Martin Dittus · 2006-01-28 · pop culture, stuff · write a comment

This must be the most entertaining short I've seen in months. A couple of very geeky Brits, introduced by a Swede, show you how they are using Erlang as part of their PABX (or PBX, as the youngsters are calling it these days), and demonstrate the usefulness of realtime, declarative, symbolic programming. Is it industrial advertising? Or educational? Or is it just an awesome piece of academic retro futurism? Is it subversive comedy, dripping with pop cultural references and contemporary irony, or quite to the contrary simply an antiquated piece of another time?

You decide.

It's much more efficient!


"Declarative programming languages have several advantages over traditional languages. For example, programs in such languages are considerably shorter than the equivalent programs in imperative languages."


"Here, for example, is a program in C." (Scrolls over 250 lines of C code.)


"And here is the equivalent program in Erlang." (Audience goes nuts.)

Watch us communicate!


Hello, Robert. Hello, Mike. Hello, Joe. Hello, Robert. Hello, Mike. Hello, Joe. Hello, Robert.


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